Surveying & Mapping

hero_05Survey and mapping is an integral part of what we do at Great West Resources Ltd. Our team is dedicated to offering the highest possible quality control in every GPS survey program we complete. With over 25 years of experience refining the survey process to ensure optimal results, were confident you’ll like what we do.

Access, hazard and production maps are produced directly in the field in a variety of digital and hard copy formats.


  • Safety – Comprehensive safety reporting and audits, 24/7 Hazard Assessment Program, check in/check out procedures, high quality standards
  • Accuracy – Accuracy is achieved through active control points, local Geodetic control, and over 25 years of experience
  • Efficient – GPS/GLONASS ensures optimal field results in varied terrain
  • Minimize Costs – Couple our Survey and Mapping services with that of our Line Clearing division to maximize project efficiencies